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1252 County Road 1, Dunedin, FL 34698
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+1 727-735-9195


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  • Eszra
    Oct, 12 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Amazing FOOD! I have wanted some good Chinese Delivery food for such a long time and I kept forgetting about Happy Wok! I got a bunch of stuff and wow it was wonderful! Funny though since I ordered so much they forgot a couple of things, but it's alright. I do not mind right now at all. Those were just that one or two of my orders were said to come with a soda but the online ordering had no option for it so not sure what happened there. Oh and I got my food for the sweet and sour but not the sauce. Personally It's fine with out it. I just mixed some of the big cup of hoisin sauce with the fantastic tasting rice and ate everything together. So GOOD! Should have taken a photo. Next time for sure!
  • Jenny Blueyes
    Mar, 12 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    We finally found a great Chinese take out place in Dunedin! We’ve tried a handful since moving back here and have been disappointed more often than not...BUT happi wok made our tummies very very happy indeed! We are a family with everyone having personal preferences, so naturally we ordered a variety of meals and extra tidbits, we all shared bites and all of us were thrilled with everything we ordered! I won’t get overly wordy, I tend to ramble so I’ll try to keep this short & sweet!
    * the Wonton Soup, Fried wontons, egg rolls & Crab Rangoons- All great! The crab rangoons, though a simple nibble-on had the most incredible flavors, like that little extra something that added to the blend they were addictive & so happy we got a large order so we could have some today with our leftovers
    * sweet & sour chicken - cooked perfectly, not doughy, perfect consistency of breading and had good chunks of actual chicken in every bite. Also not soggy
    * chicken lo mein- AMAZING! It’s our oldest’s favorite Chinese dish and we all agreed we thought she had great lo mein before but after last night we realized the others places were dull and bland in comparison. The flavor was outstanding! The sauce and goodies with the noodles and chicken, just wow! It’s never been my meal thing but after having a bite of hers I might just have to order it next time for myself, it was just that good!
    * Kung pao chicken - very tasty, great variety of veggies and lots of chicken! it could have used a little more heat but my goodness was it good!
    * general tao’s chicken - I’ve only had one place that I’ve ever been to that made perfect general tao’s chicken and that was nearly 10 years ago, that is until I tried it here! Cooked perfect, with perfect sauce...the flavor was on point! The only thing is you have to eat it fresh, reheating it today...well was eh? But last night for dinner - outstanding!
    I was hesitant ordering here on some of the reviews but the people who gave good reviews - gave outstanding reviews so we gave them a chance and SO SO HAPPY WE DID!
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